PPP at The Queen's Fringe 2016

We are very excited that The People's Portrait Project will be at the Lamb's Conduit Street Queen's Fringe Event on Sunday 12th June from Midday until 6pm. We'll be sitting in the uber-stylish surroundings of Oliver Spencer, drawing free portraits and raising money for the Coram's Fields Charity. Contact us to participate or just come along and get your face immortalised by one of our amazing artists!


We'll be at the Bloomsbury Festival!

The People's Portrait Project is gearing up for an exciting return to The Bloomsbury Festival on Friday 23rd October. We'll be pitching up in two locations; the beautifully designed NLA, and the Printing Centre - which has been a resident on Store Street since 1964! 

If you are an artist, the People's Portrait Project is a great opportunity for anyone from enthusiastic hobbyists to honed professionals to practice skills, test out new techniques and get super-fast live portrait experience. If you would like to take part as an artist please email geoff@geoffreyharrison.co.uk. 

For the public, the People's Portrait Project is a chance for you to get your portrait drawn for free by a real artist. Super fast. For five minutes (or thereabouts) you'll be a vital part of the artist's creative process, and you'll get to keep the result (if you wish)! It may sound simple, but there is something quite magic about being drawn. We only ask that in return you make a small donation to our chosen charity, The Bloomsbury Festival.