People's Portrait Project

The People's Portrait Project began in 2012, when portrait artist Geoff Harrison needed a project for The Bloomsbury Festival. Something involving as many artists as possible engaging the public in a free event. The PPP evolved a simple format; artists sit opposite members of the public and have a few minutes to draw them as well as they can. It's pretty challenging for the artists, but it's mostly fun, and a great opportunity to interact. The portrait is given freely to the participants, if they can bear to keep it, or it gets put on our artist's display wall. Sometimes the drawings are excellent, sometimes they are pretty dreadful, but that's not the point. People tend to just have fun, It always draws a crowd and you only have to look at the pictures to see how it makes people feel!

The artists are all practicing and professional creatives in their own field. We are illustrators, fine art painters, sculptors, potters and printers. Some are even seasoned professional portrait painters, who'd otherwise charge a fortune! They are all volunteers and come to PPP because they enjoy it and want to extend the experience of having one's portrait drawn to anyone and everyone. It's great practice for the artists, to draw quickly from life, but more importantly, it is great for the public to see what it feels like to have their portrait drawn and interact with an artist.

The PPP is free, so that anyone, from any walk of life, can get their own work of art. Portraits don't just have to be for Lords and Ladies and Captains of Industry! However, it is a nice way to raise money as most people want to make a donation, which we give to our chosen charity.

The PPP also aims to provide free drawing advice and instruction to the public, so that everyone can enjoy the practice of drawing.

If you'd like the People's Portrait Project to come along to your festival, fundraiser, or other event, get in touch!